Welcome to 3D Scanning Los Angeles

Our focus is on mobilizing the 3d scanning industry leading technology of highly crafted 3D digital media services and products. Our goal is to provide in-house scanning results at any location that we set up at.

Whether it’s scanning at our state of the art 3D Scanning studio or on-location; We create captivating Scans that deliver the digital solutions our clients imagine. We are committed to the newest technology and software, professional customer service, collaboration, and communication throughout each step of the pipeline and development.

Some of our clients are: Commercial and Film Production Houses, Prop Houses, VFX Studios, Traditional FX Houses, Graphic Designers, Multimedia and Design, Digital Artists, Toy Companies, Music Video Art Directors, Clay Sculpting Studios, CG/VFX Educational Communities and Schools, Medical Professionals, Students and Gaming Studios to name a few.